18+Stoeger XM1 Bullpup PCP

Combining the outstanding PCP technology from the original STOEGER XM1, with a revolutionary compact design; the XM1 BULLPUP delivers a lighter weight gun with outstanding handling and great control. The rifles overall length has been significantly decreased
without reducing the barrel length, bringing the centre of mass closer to the shooter. Control is excellent even in tight spaces or whilst on the move.

The design is particularly advantageous for the hunter who wants to travel light. The compact design being ideal for small and medium game hunting. The XM1 Bullpup is excellent for working in tight spaces like barns, farm buildings or shooting hides. The rifles overall length is significantly decreased without reducing the barrel length. This allows for easy handling compared to a conventional air rifle with a similar barrel length. The shorter length stock also reduces the weight, while bringing the centre of mass of the air rifle back closer to the shooters body. This delivers better handling and more control especially when the shooter is moving.

Other features include a recoil reducing rear pad which virtually eliminates vibration, providing the shooter with better stability and faster second target acquisition. Pro-Adaptive Checkering assures a perfect feel with an improved grip whatever the conditions.Stoeger also offer a choice of pistol grips and cheekpieces thanks to their Multi-Grip System technology. Shooters can adapt their XM1 Bullpup, choosing between a Base blue pistol grip or a XL black pistol grip; and between a Base cheekpiece or Raised cheekpiece.



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Gun Type

Bullpup, Multishot, PCP, pest control

Gun Stock



.177 Pellet, .22 pellet


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