This beautiful very impressive Period Antique cased taxidermy depicts a Fox with he's Woodcock catch.

The piece dates to Circa 1880-1890 and is offered in fabulous original condition throughout....


Taxidermist: Unknown
Dimensions: 24"x 20"


Sparrow Hawk In A Square Taped Case
Sizes 10 Inches Wide 18 Inches High 7.5 Inches Deep


Family of nesting Jays
Taxidermist: Unknown
Dimensions: 26x 31


Taxidermist: Robert Stuart
No Legend
Bow Fronted
36" x 15"


Taxidermist: W.F. Holmer London
Legend reads in gold "caught by W.O'Dart on 10th March 1912 Wgt 9lb 3 1/2oz
Bow Fronted case
37" x 15.5"


Taxidermist: Unknown
No legend
Scale Painted
Flat fronted case
23" x 14"


Taxidermist: W.B.Griggs London
Gold written legend reads:
"Taken from Thames by G.Kaile 26th Dec 1910 Wieght 1lb x 5oz"
Bow fronted glass case
19" x 12.5"


Domed Cased Budgerigar
Sizes 9.5 Inches High 16 Inches Round


Taxidermist: J.Cooper And Sons
Gold written Legend reads:
"Caught by W.S.Heath on the river Itchen July 24th 1891 Wieght 4lb 14 oz & 4lb 1oz"
Flat fronted class cape
37" x 20"


Pike Head
Gold Surround On Glass Written Pike River Bure In Gold
Circa 1900 In The Manner Of Cooper
Size 11 Inches Deep 11 Inch Height 9 Inches Wide
Collection Only


Cased Great Blackhawk Devouring Rufous Pigeon
Square Case with Gold Surround
Sizes 10.5 Inches Deep 26.5 Inches High 20.75 Inches Wide
Trade Label on Back "Preserved by John Cooper 28 Radnor Street...